Our Packages

The aim of this pack is to arm you with all the information and insider knowledge required to find, select, and contract the right builder to complete your build.

What does the Builder Tender Pack Consist Of?

£1495 Inc VAT

  • Scope Of Work – full project description (everything the builders need to know about the project to quote accurately)
  • Scheme Of Work – Your Building Schedule as it should look. (Time estimates and order of events)
  • Fully costed material list – Bill of Quantities ( What materials you need and how much they will cost)
  • Labour estimate (based on industry norms – how much manpower and what manpower you need)
  • Finishing schedule ( These are the things you see once its done, Paint colours, door handles, Light switches etc
  • Our How to find a Builder Guide
  • Our How to Tender Guide (Includes how to run and mark a tender to help you objectively choose the right builder)
  • Our Tender Submission Pack

What does the Managed Tender Process Consist Of?

£975 Incl VAT

  • Preparing the submission and running a tender process
  • Contacting upwards of 10 from our ‘Vetted Builder List’ and inviting them to tender
  • Receipt of all tender submissions and answering the builders questions
  • Review and Marking of all tender submissions by the approved date
  • Submission of a Tender Report presenting no more than 3 down selected vetted builders for you to finally choose from.
  • Prepare a Building Contract for your use with your chosen builder.

What does the Vetted Builder List Consist Of?

£350 Incl VAT.

All builders and specialist contractors have had comprehensive due diligence checks performed.

This includes:

  • Financial History checks
  • Companies House Checks on the business
  • Directors Checks
  • Interview with a trading standards expert
  • Past projects visits
  • Client review checks
  • Visits to offices to check thoroughly procedures and practices are as expected by leading industry experts.