UK's Only Independent Domestic Builder Tender Service

Our easy to follow and detailed Tender Pack is perfect to give you the knowledge and experience of 50 years in the UK domestic building industry.

Our Tender Pack gives you the ability to protect your project and your budget!

In the UK over 1.2 Million domestic building projects are approved and carried out each year. Shockingly 95% of those projects will go over budget by on average 26%. 50% will go over by upwards of 35%.

You are about to embark on the single most expensive purchase outside of your home purchase. Unbelievably most will do so without any proper due diligence and without any contract in place.

The ‘friendly recommend’ is most common way of finding a builder and is the only form of checking (due diligence) homeowners do before allowing the builders into their home and access to their money.

The results are not just massive cost and time overruns but more often than not builders leaving without finishing and truly shocking building work carried out.

This often leads to work being redone or never being completed. Not to mention the huge additional cost and stress.

Most customers embark on these projects with little to no knowledge of building work or project management and are at the mercy of the Builder!

Not a place you want to be especially in the UK where builders are unregulated and unlicenced.

So what can be done to protect you from this?

We Know that we can really assist you in the next phase of your project by bringing all our years of experience and knowledge of the industry to you in the form of our unique Builder Tender Pack.

In the commercial world builders have to operate under commercial terms. Properly detailed and efficient tenders are conducted for all works and
binding written contracts entered into. 

Extensive Due Diligence is performed and criteria met.

At Tender My Build, we aim to bring the commercial way of doing things to you the vulnerable homeowner.

The aim of this pack is to arm you with all the information and insider knowledge required to find, select, and contract the right builder to complete your build.

It will also arm you with the information you need to be able to make sure your project stays on track from the first shovel to the last stroke of the paint brush.

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Our Packages

We Know that we can really assist you in the next phase of your project. Have a look at our package options.
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